BBC News – Colonel tells of lavish shopping for N Korea dictators

BBC News – Colonel tells of lavish shopping for N Korea dictators.

The BBC Article linked above is on a book recently published about the experience of Kim Jong-il’s ‘personal shopper’. You know, every dictator’s must have, go to aid to get them all the lavish consumer items they want.

Oh, but I thought communism was supposed to be all about everyone being equal? Yes, but as Orwell famously put it, “everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others’.

More importantly, the ones on top, the ones that pronounce these values of comradeship, are also the ones that benefit from the spoils of their exploitation.

Why is this of any real consequence? After all, there are a lot worse things that Kim is doing than buying Persian Rugs in Austria. But this really just epitomizes the essence of the regime; taking the food from in front of their own people, and then feasting.

It’s unfortunate that the realpolitik of China won’t allow us to just depose this evil man already.


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