Enough Already!

I like politics, I really do! Well that is, until I have to start paying attention to it!

I don’t much care for the Conservative government, and I disagree with a number of their policies, but at the end of the day two things prevail:

  • First I’m a pragmatist, and what bugs me more than anything is watching people bicker and squabble over the most inconsequential issues, and;
  • Second I remember, that we live in an amazing country, and while there are things the government can do to make life difficult or worse for the less fortunate, there are certainly many worse places in the world!

And so, for the past what is it now, six years? I’ve put up with the party in power, mostly because, well, I didn’t think the Liberal’s were all that ready, (and who are we kidding ourselves about the NDP).

BUT … I think I’m finally frustrated enough to say that the opposition needs to grow a set and just call an election already. WHY?

Well, it’s not because of prorogation. No, most Canadians only cared until the Olympics started and then forgot, something Harper probably figured as well. So, people didn’t care, and winning all that Gold really helped sooth the soul….

I CARE, because there are subtle little changes this conservative government is making bit by bit, that are eating away at what I consider to be the core values of Canada, and here are three examples:

  1. ANTI-GAY UNDERCURRENT: The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, at the explicit instructions of Mr. Kenney decided that including ANY reference to Gay rights in Canada wasn’t an important aspect of the Citizenship handbook! Really? Not like Canada is a leader in the protection of those rights or anything!
  2. ANTI-RIGHTS UNDERCURRENT: Another issue that is ongoing, is the slow replacement of members of the board of one of Canada’s major rights federations “Rights & Democracy”, with people who frankly don’t have the moral credibility to represent Canada on such issues.
  3. A GENERAL LACK OF COMPASSION: I’m in International Development partly because I see massive potential for growth and profit, but at the end of the day, I’m in it because I recognize that we have a duty and an obligation to share from the inequality between the North and South that has allowed for the amazing standard of life and quality of living that we enjoy, and you don’t just abandon those values when times get tough. Or, you do if you’re the Conservative government. (And I’m not just saying this because the chances of getting my research funded just fell through the floor)

Anyway, that’s all for now, BOTTOM LINE, I think I’m about ready for some change.


Pragmatist, Student, Humanitarian, Rights Advocate, Runner, Reader, Brother, Sleeper

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