What’s it like outside?

The perennial question as Spring approaches, and the sun makes everything in this frozen city look deceptively warm – what’s it like outside?

Of course for my roommate in Residence this was a daily question during winter, when the clear blue sky and shining sun would invite him out into the freezing chill outside with too little on, on more than one occasion!

Of course now that necessary worry is taken out of your “dressing” ritual with the advent of the smart phone, or widgets that tell you just how cold it is…

That is, unless it’s day like Today, just warm enough to make you question wearing a jacket, or a sweater and want to go in a T-shirt, so strong is our desperation for winter to end.

Which makes for a contrasting assortment of attire on the streets, from the joggers in their shorts and shirts to the newly arrived immigrants from warmer lands, bundled like an antarctic researcher!

Just remember, the weather trick you. Fall and Spring are the times people get sick because they are so desperate to hang on to that right to wear less, that only the warm weather can bring.


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