Crowd Sourcing?

Sure is a lot of them Can you spot the ones you use? Actually, now that I am taking a closer look I’m not sure that this picture includes Facebook, which would be a huge oversight, but then again, I just ripped it off some other site.

For a long time I have been really interested in how the tools of social media, that we employ in North America for seemingly stupid non-essential uses, might be usefully employed in various marketing schemes, or politics, or even more interesting in challenging restrictive authoritarian regimes and use technology to gain some form of power through the internet and technology.

The video below is a fascinating lecture by Clay Shirky, and if you have 45 minutes to watch it, it WILL blow your mind!

One of the things I came across recently was a term called “crowd sourcing”. The term refers to the production of knowledge and information, NEWS, essentially, usually in real-time by people on the ground experiencing the event.

Twitter has been an amazing source of this in terms of protests in Iran, Egypt and elsewhere. Tweets have been broadcast to followers as people are getting arrested, as planes are crashing and recently in Mexico, during gun battles between rival drug cartels, to communicate safe areas, and when to stay inside.

The real-time dissemination of information has really interesting potential for the growth and development of democracy, and I’m sure I will be posting more on the subject soon.


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