TIFF 11′: The Social Media Build Up

I did some interesting research at work yesterday and today, as a thought leadership piece on GCI’s ability to breakdown conversations and buzz on social media.

In advance of the Toronto International Film Festival, which started today, I looked at how conversations around the festival broke down, what some of the major trends looked like, the demographic breakdown, and the share of voice online between different films, celebrities, brands, contests and other festivals.

One of the interesting findings, was that sponsorship of TIFF by “level”, didn’t necessarily translate into share of voice volume of conversation. Bell, pretty much guaranteed that their name will dominate the conversation by having the TIFF Bell Lightbox names after the brand, but other companies like RBC, which was a “major sponsor” didn’t garner as much volume as Visa, a “sustaining sponsor” because of the buzz generated by the the advance ticket packages they were able to offer Visa card holders.

Also, @DietCoke, managed to get more online buzz than all these major sponsors pre- festival by leveraging their ticket giveaways to maximize amplification through retweets – in fact most conversation leading up to  TIFF was amplification through re-tweets about 35% (45% for contest) compared to the normal 10-15% I normally see around social media conversations.

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts, was what didn’t show up.  Of all they keywords that I pulled out around TIFF leading up the the festival, none of the specific movie titles had enough buzz to trend! The biggest issue people seemed to have was around Tickets, and tweeting to @cameron_tiff, TIFF’s co-director.

For the whole thing, check out this link:


UPDATE: My research was featured in theGridTO;’s “TIFF Tattler”, here: http://www.thegridto.com/culture/tiff/the-tiff-tattler-september-9/


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