puis, simplement griffonner hantise” [then, simply scribble obsession]

This blog represent my unfinished thoughts about the many sides of any and every interesting issue that as engaged citizens I think we should be discussing. I don’t claim to have all, or even any of the right answers, and many of my posts will likely ask more questions than they answer. Most importantly, I’m putting these thoughts out there to be challenged, to engage in debate and dialogue, and hopefully raise my own, along with others’ understanding and positions on contentious and controversial issues.

I am influenced in what I discuss by my interest in migration and refugee issues, human rights, politics, international relations, issues of gender and the impact of the internet and particularly social media on society.

Of course my left leaning liberal values are likely to peak through at times, but overall I aim to post ‘pragmatic observations about our chaotic world’

For links to what I’m reading, and what I’ve written please take a look through the Links section, my Portfolio, or the Archive

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