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Hudak’s Misnomer(s): in politics language is everything

Right out of the gates the Ontario Liberals seem to be screwing up. The writ for the Ontario Election only dropped September 7th, and already McGuinty seems to have hit a stumbling block with his proposed $10, 000 tax credit

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TIFF 11′: The Social Media Build Up

I did some interesting research at work yesterday and today, as a thought leadership piece on GCI’s ability to breakdown conversations and buzz on social media. In advance of the Toronto International Film Festival, which started today, I looked at

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When you make a mistake… fix it!

So if you follow any progressive feminist blogs, chances are you’ve already heard about this story out of Edmonton. A hair salon, FluidHair recently launched a set of six ads featuring images of domestic violence and high-risk lifestyles, with the tag line

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