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The implications of a right to “open-access to information”

The Globe and Mail recently published an article about Canada’s poor record on access to information requests, which reminded me of a question I’ve been mulling over in my head for a while now; what role do administrative or procedural

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Hudak’s Misnomer(s): in politics language is everything

Right out of the gates the Ontario Liberals seem to be screwing up. The writ for the Ontario Election only dropped September 7th, and already McGuinty seems to have hit a stumbling block with his proposed $10, 000 tax credit

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When ‘political spin’ becomes outright irresponsible

On October 21 2010, Vic Toews, Canada’s the Minister of Public Safety tabled Bill C49 officially titled “An Act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Balanced Refugee Reform Act and the Marine Transportation Security Act”. Immediately from

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Enough Already!

I like politics, I really do! Well that is, until I have to start paying attention to it! I don’t much care for the Conservative government, and I disagree with a number of their policies, but at the end of

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BBC News – Colonel tells of lavish shopping for N Korea dictators

BBC News – Colonel tells of lavish shopping for N Korea dictators. The BBC Article linked above is on a book recently published about the experience of Kim Jong-il’s ‘personal shopper’. You know, every dictator’s must have, go to aid

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